I just took a shower and sat down with a delicious (half-full) cup of black, dark roast, fully-caffeinated coffee. It’s Wednesday! The sacred day we’ve agreed that my parents will watch our 2-year old son each week while I catch up on mommy stuff. There’s no “just relaxing” for me though. It was all about productivity today. Those to-dos that get carried over to the next page of my Moleskine day after day after day are finally feeling the strike of my pen. I thought I’d be jamming to all my favorite tunes today, but instead I’ve chosen silence. And let me tell you, it sounds amazing. Despite that fact, I find myself missing my little buddy in a way that’s hard to explain. We are so attached at the hip, that this first day alone at the house has taken some getting used to. I know he’s having such fun with his Mamaw & Papaw though, so I’ve been pushing my emotions to the side and working hard to get ready for our next big adventure, baby #2, who is due a month from now! I type this with wide eyes as I read the words and try to register what’s going to happen soon.

There’s so much I want to do and learn before our second son arrives and I can hear the clock ticking away loudly in my mind. One of my goals has been to finally launch our business website and this blog. After a couple days with no power, followed by a few days with no internet, here I am, still trying to make that happen! There’s nothing more motivating than knowing your already limited time is about to become even more so (and you don’t know what day that will be, but it’s coming soon). I have to thank my awesome, thoughtful husband for supporting my efforts at building an online presence for the business. He surprised me yesterday afternoon with a new MacBook after noticing lately how frustrated I’ve been with our old machine. It’s so compact and lightweight and I’m loving it! Nothing against our desktop (I love it too), but I do like to be able to work on the go when I need to (on the go for me typically means in different rooms around the house, on the patio, deck or in the yard).

So, Mommy’s Day Off: Session 1 has gone down successfully. I’m so thankful that my parents live nearby now so that I can have these days on a regular basis. Everybody needs time to catch up on things and clear their mind. In about an hour, I’ll be leaving to pick little dude up. I’ve accomplished so much since the fog lifted (temporarily) this morning around 8:00, but it’s time to prep dinner soon (zoodles with buttery beet sauce) and get back to the things & people who need me, so I’m signing off.

Moms, how do you (or would you) spend a mommy’s day off? If you don’t ever get a day off (I feel you, it’s been over two and a half years for me), what tips do you have for other moms trying to maintain their sanity?