“Cool! Where did you get such an idea?” “The library.”

In 2002, William Kamkwamba read a book from the library titled ‘Using Energy’. With blue gum trees, bicycle parts, and materials collected in a local scrapyard, he build a windmill to provide his family with electricity and irrigation. This was in Malawi, where a terrible drought and famine had destroyed maize crops and killed thousands of people. 

His story is one of the most inspirational that I know. How many books full of knowledge, beauty and ideas await us? In what ways can we better ourselves, our communities and our planet? Surely, if we try we can make change. I can only imagining how empowered William felt after accomplishing this! He powered on despite many not believing in his idea and by doing so opened up a whole world of possibilities for the people in his village. 

So let us too dust off the old ones, seek out the new ones – become inspired and learn something new! Below you’ll find some of our favorite educational and inspirational books. While I haven’t read every one of them cover to cover, I have found useful information in each and can say without doubt they are all excellent. I hope you’ll find a few that sound interesting and inspiring as well! Note: If you’re on a computer, you should be able to filter and sort by subject. I have children’s books listed separately on the dropdown. 

This website and this page is a work in progress and I’ll be continuing to make updates to it. 

For now, here are some books to check out! If you look for one of these at your library and they don’t have it, ask if an interlibrary loan is available for the title or see if they are willing to order it to add to their catalog.  –  Jes

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